Kath Leahy is a failed actor and a know-all. She spent some years working in casting and now runs screentesting workshops in which she bullies actors towards the greatness which eluded her. Kath completed a PHD in 2000 because she thought that "Dr" sounded good!

Books by Dr Kath Leahy

Your agent has actually rung you - a SCREENTEST tomorrow morning! It is four pages long. How do they expect you to do anything with it in that time? You are up all night rehearsing with your dog. By morning he knows the lines better then you do and he's looking a lot prettier too. Your voice sounds like it's been to a party without you and there are several dozen winged-insects trapped in your stomach. If this comes anywhere near describing your experience of screentests or how you imagine them, then you should buy this book now!

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